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Coronavirus Resources:

  • Coronavirus Resource Hub A searchable database with daily new updates on issues and resources for the hospitality industry.  Articles, webinars, resources, sources, easy templates and more to support your business and team during this time.  Click here

  • Stay Safe Washington Campaign to show how wearing a mask today can save jobs tomorrow.  Click here.

  • Coronavirus Restaurant Reopening Guide-A comprehensive guide to reopening your business safely, including:

    • Templates for written procedures and self-inspection checklists required by the state.

    • An extensive table of contents with links to articles and resources to find tools fast.

    • Official requirements for restaurants, taverns, breweries, wineries and distilleries.

    • Webinars, resources and more on operations, workplace safety and more.


  • Spokane Hospitality GranSpokane County has approved the allocation of up to $10.8 million of CARES Act funding for a grant program to support local accommodation, food services, arts, entertainment and recreation industries. The Spokane County Hospitality Relief Grant will help offset the safety and operating costs, rent, and other allowable expenses for those sectors. The application period runs from November 4 to November 16 at 5:00 pm. To see the website for eligibility requirements and details, click here.   To download a flyer on the program to share, click here

Food Safety:

  • Spokane Regional Health District Food Safety Program Updates on food safety issues relevant to your business. Click here

Minimum Wage:

  • Minimum Wage resources A link to resources and helpful FAQ to ensure you comply with the law. Click here

Paid Sick Leave:

  • Paid Sick Leave Toolkit A helpful series of links and resources to know the law and rules around Paid Sick Leave. Click here.


  • Wildfire Resources A page of helpful information, links and downloadable image to help know when to close your patio. Click here. 

Service Animal Guidelines:

  • Service Animals Guide A guide to service animals and the Washington law against discrimination. Click here.

  • Service Animal FAQ A Department of Justice FAQ about service animals and the ADA. Click here.

  • Service Animal Flyer A helpful flyer to know the law with respect to service animals and food establishments. Click here.