Spokane restaurant and hotel owners as well as their employees can now apply for assistance to help pay their City of Spokane utility bills.

Here’s what’s available:

· Businesses can seek a deferral of City charges for water, sewer, stormwater and garbage with an agreement to pay those charges over time without interest. Specific terms would be tailored for each business seeking a deferral. Assistance is available immediately. Businesses can begin the process by filling out a simple online form.

· Residential customers also can apply for short-term and long-term payment arrangements without interest. The self-service options are available on the City’s web site. Some customers who are behind on utility bill payments may receive a letter with payment arrangement information as well.

· Low-income households facing financial hardship can seek direct financial assistance from the City’s U-Help program by calling SNAP (Spokane Neighborhood Action Programs) at 456.SNAP. Since the pandemic began, more than $67,000 in U-Help assistance has been distributed.

The City earlier suspended late fees and water service shut offs for non-payment of City utility bills, which include charges for water, sewer, and garbage. Washington state has continued those mitigation measures through the middle of October.